Lectures and Talks

Being Successful in Online Dating

How can we maximize our chances of success in online dating. How should you construct your profile to increase your chances and what style of online interaction should you adopt?

Using Tinder

Tinder is a dating app employed by specific types of people.  This talk examines how people use Tinder, and the ways in which they are different to typical online daters.

The Psychology of Romantic Attraction

What makes us attractive and why is attraction important to us. The talk covers issues such as the attractiveness stereotype and whether beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


How is cyberbullying different? What are the motivations and causes of cyberbullying?  These are some of the issues covered in this talk, along with a discussion of cyberbullying interventions.

The Psychology of Social Media

Social Media and online interaction is now an integral part of our lives.  This talk considers the impact of confirmation bias, the facility for interaction, the use of fake news and how information is targeted. 

Nonverbal Communication

This talk looks at how nonverbal behaviour is used in human courtship. It discusses the rituals people use in nonverbal displays, and how nonverbal displays are signals of romantic attraction.