Lectures and Talks

Being Successful in Online Dating

How can we maximize our chances of success in online dating. Which website or app to choose, how to construct your profile, styles of online conversation, and what to do when you meet are covered.

Nonverbal Communication

This talk looks at how nonverbal behaviour is used in human courtship. It discusses the rituals people use in nonverbal displays, and how nonverbal displays are signals of romantic attraction.

The Psychology of Romantic Attraction

This talk considers what makes us attractive and why attraction is important to us. The talk also covers issues such as the attractiveness stereotype and why attraction is such an illusive concept.

The Psychology of Love

The way in which we think about romantic love has evolved over the years.  Among other things this talk focuses on different types of love and how this may be related to our different attachment styles.

The Psychology of Jealousy

What gets us jealous?  Who gets us jealous?  What factors are related to jealousy?  These are some of the issues covered in this talk, along with an explanation of the origins of jealousy.

The Impact of Social Media on Interpersonal Relationships

Social Media and online interaction is now an integral part of our lives.  This talk considers the impact of phone jealousy, Facebook jealousy, cyberstalking and online infidelity.

Using Tinder

Tinder is a location based app employed generally to find dates in the local vicinity.  How do people use Tinder, and are people who use Tinder different in any way?